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  • Used to fill in the lungs with air in a person who is unconscious and not breathing in order to keep him/her alive, suitable for first aid training or first aid at an ambulance.
  • It is a hand-held device commonly used to provide positive pressure ventilation to patients who are not breathing or not breathing adequately, to standardize the provision of adequate ventilation and high oxygen concentrations when a ventilator is not.
  • A silica gel transparent mask can perfectly fit for patient's face, easy to use, just insert into the oropharyngeal airway to keep the patient's airway open.
  • The device doesn't need electricity, it can be used whether it has compressed oxygen source or not.
  • Simple design, easy to install and use, suitable for both home use and professional use.


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Product Specification

Product Name: Manual Resuscitator
Product Type: Respirator
Material: PVC
Color: White
Quantity: 1 x Set:
1 x Capacity 1650ml Balloon
1 x Silicone Anesthesia Mask
3 x Oropharyngeal Airway (End fitting Diameter: 0.6in/0.87 ; 15/22mm)
1 x Oxygen Tube 6.9ft/2.1m 
1 x Pressure Limiting Safety Valve: 60 cmH2O
1 x 2000ml Capacity Air bag
1 x Instructions


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Reviewed on

This portable resuscitator is a must have for anybody. I bought this for my daughter who is in nursing school. The resuscitator comes in a sturdy plastic carrying case that includes a set of ambu bag、tube、breathing bag、mask and breathing tool. The mask adds a layer of protection between the person administering CPR and the victim. I would not think twice about helping anybody in need.

Reviewed on

Good quality for such a great price. I purchased to keep in my car while traveling.

Reviewed on

The manual resuscitator works fine for my first aid class (albeit a little too big for the child and obviously way too big for the baby but that's too be expected since the mask if meant for adults). The case is also durable, which is good in case I need it in an emergency. I just wish that the kit came with more than 2 sanitary wipes. I used the sanitary wipes up pretty quickly (they were gone in just one class after we did two rounds of CPR in which I used both wipes after each round of CPR to clean the dummy's lips). Maybe give us 10 sanitary wipes if you can spare the cost.

Reviewed on

Wish the case stayed closed better. I'm a lifeguard at a waterfront and the constant movement needs a more secure case. That being said I actually had to use the mask in action with a woman who had stopped breathing and it worked perfectly. So that's a great positive!

Reviewed on

I especially like the case it comes in. My item arrived on time, intact, and the price was very reasonable. Definately would shop here again. Thank you ever so much!

Reviewed on

Good quality easy to carry in bag very easy to use for saving someone's life during CPR

Reviewed on

While having to maintain my BLS certification for the clinic, I always like to keep things on hand, just in case something comes up. Love this pack in that it is large enough that it is able to hold everything in the hard case.?The manual resuscitator was perfect.

Reviewed on

This helped me to save a man's life on the side of the road. There was a lot of blood, and no one in their right mind would have done true mouth-to-mouth. I pulled out this mask with the one-way valve, and was able to never touch my mouth to anything but the plastic piece, and the valve kept the secretions away from my mouthpiece. Many of my fellow nurses have since bought these to keep in their cars, just in case. These are LITERALLY life savers!

Reviewed on

I use this as a lifeguard but something valuable to keep around in your home or in your car. You never know! Makes a great seal for rescue breaths and easy to use!

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