About us

Nuoren Technology Co., Limited is a research and development, production and sales company which is focusing on high-quality medical devices and medical protective products.

Protective Equipment

Our company owns a high-performance medical textile factory, a quality-test, and processing factory which has passed the CE13485 medical equipment quality management system. Our products are based on high-quality medical textiles and domestic famous medical experts with rich experience. With the joint efforts of more than 20 people's R&D team, our company independently developed high-protective medical fabric materials which are more in line with the market and meet customer requirements.

Medical Instruments

focusing on R&D, manufacturing for commercial infrared imaging products. is a comprehensive infrared imaging solution supplier to various industries with high performance, excellent service, and experience. products are applied in industrial inspection, security and surveillance, fire fighting and rescue, law enforcement, industrial automation, smart home, and consumer electronics, etc.


We have factories located in Shenzhen, Jinjing and Suzhou, three processing centers in Dongguan City, Changsha and Hunan city. Our products are widely used in the fields of, medicine and health, food, precision instruments, aerospace, oil, fine chemicals, automotive, etc. in more than 100 countries around the world.

The company has developed more than 300 constant business partners from over 70 countries and regions, delivering our products and services.

Factory Equipment

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